RI Technician – the remove and install guy

RICATEC - Remove and install
RICATEC is specialized in disassembling cars as well as assembling them on location. Does your car have hail, parking or transport damage? We are happy to help you solve your problem. RICATEC is short for Remove & Install CAr TEChnician.

As RICATEC technicians, we remove and install car parts. We are also known as R&I Guys. We often work alongside PDR Technicians (Paintless Dent Repair Technicians).

When a car has dents and a PDR Technician repairs them, parts are often required to be taken apart. After removing these parts, the PDR Technician can reach inside the door for example. This way it can be repaired easier and faster. The car headlining can be taken be taken out temporarily among many other parts including door panels, the hood, the trunk lid, the lights etc… After repair the parts are installed and your car will be delivered in a perfect state.

All of the above mentioned activities will be done by a Remove & Install CAr TEChnician with specialized and technical skills. We have years of experience and work closely with several Paintless Dent Repair companies.

Source: http://ritechnician.com/

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